Raised in the wet periphery of Portland, Oregon

near the freeway interchange and airport, Demeri has wandered far from home.

She received her BFA at Stanford University, a highlight of her studies being an overseas program in Paris.  There she had her first glimpse into master oil painting techniques and the unique experience of painting at the Louvre as a copiste.


After college, Demeri took a left turn into CG animation, working as an animator at a special effects house in Los Angeles for about eight years.  When the LA job market for CG animation started to crumble in 2012, she and her husband taught in India for a short stint and then migrated with other artists to the film-fertile territory of Vancouver, Canada.

Now she lives in Savannah, Georgia with two young children and her silly fossil-hunting husband, Brett.

Years of overtime in dark cubicles has given her a thirst to reacquaint herself with the riches of our physical environment and to connect with a larger realm of people.  She loves natural themes and portraiture, and lately the bric-a-brac of her young children occasionally surfaces in her work.  Demeri paints mostly figuratively, occasionally experimenting with abstract elements.